Dan Brown – Yay or Nay?

September 20, 2009

So, cryptic thriller merchant Dan Brown has knocked it out of the ballpark again with his new novel, The Lost Symbol.  Well, he has according to book sales anyway – it’s stomped all over previous adult fiction sales records with well over 1m copies being flogged in the US, UK & Canada in the first 24 hours alone.   (Seems to me Mr. Brown has found his holy grail! Ker-ching!)

Considering he’s been panned for shabby writing and gross historical inaccuracies, he’s done rather well for himself.  Even my other half (a man who reads, on average, 3 books a year) maintains “Dan Brown snobbishness”….though it may be because I once spent two entire days of a holiday neglecting him and reading The Da Vinci Code instead.

I have to say, Dan Browns are a guilty pleasure for me.  I love the fast paced plots, crypto babble and gothic bad guys.  I can live with historical inaccuracies (I don’t know any better) and well, if the writing’s a little bit poo, there’s always another murder or religious madman to liven things up.

Are you a Dan Brown fan and will you be rushing out to buy The Lost Symbol? Or are you one of those 1m+ who already own it?


Author: Matt Dunn
Rating : 8/10
Great for : Holidays; Humour; The Bath!

Books published: The Ex Boyfriends Handbook; From Here to Paternity; Ex Girlfriends United; Best Man

I love chick lit!  There is nothing like a good chick lit book to keep you occupied for a few hours.

I’ve only recently come across Matt Dunn and picked up From Here to Paternity and The Ex Boyfriends Handbook at the local library.

This is total chick lit, but from the male perspective.  I have to say, I love it.  I laughed out loud so much at these and it’s not that often a book gets me giggling.  Especially The Ex Boyfriends Handbook.

I’ve just got hold of Ex Girlfriends United and Best Man is on my ‘grab it when I see it in the library’ list and fully recommend these to any chick lit loving people out there.