One of my favourite books of all time, The Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger has been made into a film, the release date is next month.

I’m not sure I’m ready. 

I LOVE the book.  I have a signed copy that I trekked across London in the brutal wind and rain to have signed by Audrey Niffenegger herself.  When I got to the head of the queue, all I managed to say in a pathetic whimper was “thank you for writing this!”.  I have very stern opinions about people who DON’T like this book.

I’ve just seen the trailer for the film.



Oxfam have announced their very first Book Fest, a fortnight of wordy worshipping for all you bookaholics out there.  It kicks off from 4th July and runs until 18th July with events planned up and down the country. 

Their adverts say:

With a shop on practically every high street, you’ll never be more than 40 miles from an author reading, a book signing, a cookery demo, a face painting party or a music making session…Well-known authors from all over the UK will be volunteering in Oxfam bookshops: working behind the counter, sorting books and serving customers”.

Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Highlights include:

Meet Anne Fine, prize winning children’s author (York, 11th July)
Poetry Reading by Carol Ann Duffy, Britain’s first female poet laureate (Didsbury, 4th July)
Literary  Treasure Hunt (London, 16th July)
Talk by our very own June Book Group author Kate Atkinson, Michael Faber, Alexander McCall Smith and Ian Rankin (Edinburgh, 10th July)

Check out the Oxfam Bookfest Site for more details about events happening near you!

Scribbling Celebs

May 24, 2009


A little article a couple of months ago caught my eye.  The title? 

Girls Aloud Cole ‘in £5m deal’ for romantic novels

Really??!  While I do admire Cheryl for being part of a successful girl band and recently knocking it out of the park on the style stakes, I am struggling to reconcile the idea of her being an author.  I don’t know why, maybe it’s unfair of me to be so prejudiced.  Behind all the glitz and glamour may be a great literary mind?  I guess the jury’s out until her first book is published.

I also discovered a veritable candy jar of celebs dabbling in the written word.  Of course I’m not talking about self-serving autobiographies here, I think most celebs have a book in Waterstones with them draped alluringly on the front cover with an airbrushed expression either (a) deep in thought (b) creased in laughter or (c) puckered into a pout.  

Curiously one of the most well known and prolific celeb authors seems to be Katie Price (aka Jordan) with a number of ghostwritten novels and childrens books in her name.   In the same vein, Pamela Anderson penned Star which has been described on Amazon has “funny, sexy and utterly compelling”.  Who knew?!  Woody Allen has published a number of novels which have received rave reviews, though at least he always seemed to give off an air of a malcontent poet.  Witty and vitriolic Joan Rivers also has a number of published books to her name, including many self help books with one dubiously entitled Men Are Stupid . . . And They Like Big Boobs: A Woman’s Guide to Beauty Through Plastic Surgery. Hmmm!

Most celebs have aimed their literary aspirations towards childrens books – with people like Madonna, Geri Halliwell, Jamie Lee Curtis and Billy Crystal throwing their hats into the ring.  I guess it’s a safer first-step into being published but it would be interesting to see if any of them take the leap into grown up fiction. (I was going to say adult fiction but then decided that might not be a very appropriate term!).

The celeb author who I’d most like to read is Ethan Hawke – in particular his second book, Ash Wednesday.   It has received mixed reviews from the literary world but from a personal point of view if Guardian Books calls him a “cracking author” and the book “sharply and poignantly written” then that’s enough for me to stick it on my “must read” list.

Have you read any celeb-penned books? If so, what did you make of it?