Hello all, your discussion questions below! My answers are the bits not in bold.  Hope you enjoyed!

Kat x

1. Let’s kick of with an easy-peasy.  What would you rate the House at Riverton out of 10? I thought it was an absolute page-turner and I’d give it a 9.  Also can’t wait to read Kate Morton’s second book, The Forgotten Garden. Good choice, APOW!

2. Ursula comments that David is “not really a major character. He died a little too early to affect things”, but Grace thinks this is debatable. What impact do you think he made? I was quite perplexed by this for a while.  Why include a strong character like David, only to kill him off in such a quiet way?  I wondered if perhaps he was the stabilising force between Emmeline and Hannah (i.e. all that stuff about the three points of a triangle).  I also wondered if he was the reason why Emmeline and Hannah fall for Robbie – because he was David’s friend, and so they have some connection with him.  What did everyone else think?

3. Did you get much of a grasp on Hannah’s character?  If so, what did you make of her? If I’m being honest I found it quite hard to get under this character’s skin.  Why was she so desperate to get away from Riverton?  What were her motivations?  I couldn’t quite work it out (can anyone help me?).  And I should add that because I didn’t get her, I didn’t particularly like her. Not that I disliked her either, I guess I was just quite apathetic.  And I wish she’d stood up a bit more to Deborah!

4. If the events by the lake hadn’t happened as they did, do you think Hannah and Robbie’s relationship would have lasted? Nope.  Hannah and Robbie, alas, were the two characters I was least convinced by.  Their relationship was just a bit thin.  I never got any sense of Robbie’s great love for Hannah.  It was just a bit weird.

5. Was the actual scene at the lake believable to you? I’m still quite convinced that they could have worked something out without anyone having to shoot anyone else.  But perhaps I’m being too sensible.  I’m glad Hannah chose Emmeline over Robbie though.

6. Why do you think Grace can ultimately confide in her grandson, Marcus, but is unable to talk to her daughter? I feel a bit sorry for Ruth, the prim and proper daughter who Grace feels unable to speak to.  Maybe Ruth is such a stern character that Grace didn’t think she would understand all the underlying passions involved.  Also, there must have been a lot of resentment and estrangement when Grace got back together with Albert.  But then I suppose, by giving the story to Marcus, Grace has managed to bring Marcus home to Ruth so it worked out being a bit of a gift to her too.

7.Did you enjoy the setting of the Edwardian Riverton?  Do you think the author managed to bring it to life? I found the setting really believable – I love how she conjures up the images of dusty libraries and the whole upstairs/downstairs dynamic.  It worked really, really well. In fact it reminded me a lot of Gosford Park.  And I love any book that features Agatha Christie as a (very) minor character!!!! Brilliant!


Ready, get set… go!

The book for this month is The House at Riverton by Kate Morton.

Leave us a comment if you’re reading along with us this month.

October’s book of the month

September 19, 2009

My crime fighting partner has foolishly skipped town for a bit and left me to choose a book for October.

The pressure of choosing a book was too much, so I turned to my old friends Richard and Judy for inspiration.

So here you go, our book for October.   The House at Riverton by Kate Morton.  The clever one will post some thought provoking questions when she returns.


This morning I did a little draw of names out of a tupperware and congrats to Holly who the winner of our August giveaway!  Please email thebookitlist@live.co.uk with your snailmail and your choice out of the following:

The Accidental by Ali Smith
Divine Secrets of theYa Ya Sisterhood by Rebecca Wells
Oscar Wilde and the Candlelight Murders by Gyles Brandreth

As for September’s Book Group, unfortunately I think we’re going to have to give it a miss this month due to unforeseen last minute circumstances i.e. I might have to go to visit my parents at some point in September and everything’s a bit in the air at the moment.  I’m not sure I’ll have internet access, nevermind have time to read a book and sort out discussion questions. Sorry about that guys, watch this space for next month’s though!

Kat x

This month’s choice was kindly chosen by Caroline and is…drumroll please…. The Resurrectionist by James Bradley.  You can read the blurb here.

Hopefully you know what to do -leave us a message to let us know you’re taking part and so we can enter you into the GIVEAWAY…. and get reading!

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Mrs M, If you drop us a line at thebookitlist@live.co.uk to let us know your address and which book out of the following three you’d like:

The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold;
The Diving-Bell and the Butterfly
by Jean Dominique Bauby; or
The Interpretation of Murder by Jed Rubenfeld

If you click on the title it’ll direct you to the Amazon page so you can check them out first.

And the July’s book group choice will be announced shortly (though if you’ve been following comments you might already have an inkling what it might be)!

As if it’s not exciting enough that it’s a brand spanking new month (and a warm one at that!), our first Book Group starts TODAY. 

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The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold;
The Diving-Bell and the Butterfly
by Jean Dominique Bauby; or
The Interpretation of Murder by Jed Rubenfeld

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Morning all!

We’d like to to unveil our brand spanking new Book-It List Book Group.  Click here for more details on how it’s going to work and what fandabbydozyness we have in store for you.

We’ll be kicking off in June, but as this is the first ever one we’ve done we’d like to give you some advance warning so you can check it out and decide whether to join us or not.

The first book we’ve chosen is Behind the Scenes at the Museum by Kate Atkinson.  More details are on the June’s Pick page.