Queen of the Big Time

March 25, 2010

Title: Queen of the Big Time

Author: Adriana Trigiani

ISBN: 0743462270

Good For: Escaping to the Past

Rating: 8/10

Set in a small immigrant Italian community in rural Pennsylvania, this book starts in 1921 and follows the story of Nella Castelluca, a girl who dreams of achieving more than her humble roots will allow – an education and a good job.  She lives on her family’s farm on hte outskirts of Roseto – a town of old world tradition.

When Nella meets the handsome, worldly and irresistible Renato Lanzara, she believes she has found the soulmate with whom to share her life, until an unexpected turn of events leaves her and her fellow townsfolk shaken and shocked.

I loved this book.  Having read one of the author’s books before and enjoyed it, I was anticipating enjoying this, but it just swept me away to a different world – something that hasn’t happened to me with a book for a while. 

It’s a really easy read, but so much more than just another love story, and I found myself really drawn into the beautifully written characters and their lives.  Fabulous!

Caroline x


2 Responses to “Queen of the Big Time”

  1. mumof4 said

    I know I have heard of this author but I don’t think I have read anything of hers…does she have a current new best seller out maybe?

    • thebookitlist said

      She’s certainly written quite a lot. Think she writes teen fiction as well. I’ve got another of hers in the bookcase waiting to be read – Big Stone Gap – which is the first in a trilogy.

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